Human Hair or Artificial Wigs – What is the Distinction?

One of many first questions we ask girls after they go to our wig boutique is: “Are you searching for human hair or artificial?” For first time wig wearers, the reply is commonly: “I do not know – What is the distinction?” Understanding the distinction in these two forms of wigs will assist you to make the precise choice for you.

One thing to contemplate – each human and artificial fibers wigs can be found in numerous grades or qualities. For our comparability, we’ll talk about the variations in a high quality artificial to Grade A Human Hair. Here is how they evaluate:


Chances are you’ll assume human hair wig will look extra pure than an artificial, however this isn’t essentially the case. Most individuals can not inform the distinction in human and artificial simply from them. Typically, artificial will look slightly shinier or extra shiny than human hair. The upper high quality artificial wigs will not be as shiny and look extra pure than cheaper synthetics. One other distinction in look has to do with motion. Human hair has extra pure motion and bounce than artificial – which tends to be slightly stiffer. For those who put on a brief hair model, or use hairspray, that is normally not a difficulty. For those who put on your hair lengthy and free, you could want the extra pure motion of the human hair.


Human hair has a softer, silkier texture than artificial. The precise texture of the hair will rely upon the place it is from – Asian hair is thicker, straighter, and coarser. Indian hair is silky and wavy. European hair is finer, softer and has a really slight wave. The hair can also have been permed to recreate the looks of Yaki hair.

Artificial hair is just not fairly as tender and silky as human hair. The higher the standard of the hair, the softer will probably be. The feel of the hair is ready on the manufacturing facility and might vary from straight to wavy to curly.


Each human and artificial wigs might be washed. Artificial hair ought to solely be washed in chilly water, with merchandise designed particularly for artificial fibers, then be allowed to air dry. The wig will retain its model.

Human hair might be washed in heat or chilly water, and you should utilize any merchandise that you should utilize by yourself hair. We advocate utilizing delicate shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner. Merchandise designed for coloration handled hair work effectively. Washing the wig causes it to lose its model and return to its pure sample. To re-style, you will want to blow dry or model with heated instruments.

Life Span Numerous components will decide how lengthy your wig will final – how lengthy the hair is, how typically you put on it and underneath what circumstances, and the way you take care of it. Artificial hair is susceptible to friction frizz when it rubs towards one thing.

Longer wigs are significantly inclined, as they will rub towards your again, neck, purse, chair, and so on. Human hair, when correctly cared for, withstands friction, so it can last more. As a rule of thumb, anticipate a brief artificial wig to last as long as a 12 months, and an extended one as much as 6 months. A brief human hair wig will last as long as 2 years, and an extended one a few 12 months. So, usually, you possibly can anticipate a human hair wig to final about twice so long as an artificial.

Warmth Styling One of many largest benefits of human hair is that it may be styled identical to your personal hair with heated styling instruments equivalent to curling irons, flat irons or sizzling rollers. Utilizing heated instruments on an artificial will soften the fiber. Artificial wigs might be altered (curled or straightened) by a steaming methodology – however that is greatest left to an expert wig stylist. There are heat-friendly synthetics in the marketplace, that may be styled with conventional styling instruments, however these require way more endurance and expertise to model than human hair aplique tic tac.

Coloring Human hair wigs might be coloured. For the perfect outcomes, we advocate selecting a lighter coloration and including lowlights reasonably than lifting coloration, as bleach might be damaging. Artificial wigs can’t be coloured. Nevertheless artificial wigs can be found in a a lot wider vary of colours, together with highlighted, graduated, rooted, and foiled colours. Human hair usually is offered solely in fundamental colours, and you could add highlights or lowlights.

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